Exploring Lanzarote’s ‘Mountains of Fire’

Lanzarote is a beautiful island and it is popular among the tourists for its beautiful natural scenery. The island has the best landscapes: the fire mountains- Timanfaya National Park. You will be amazed to see the red and the black Martian landscape. The park is formed after many volcanic eruptions that took place around three hundred years ago. The government of the island has arranged guided tours for the tourists to preserve the natural flora and fauna of this natural landscape. A large part of the island is covered with lava and hot ash and has lead to the formation of unearthly topography.

Timanfaya National Park

You can visit the park in your car. You can park your car easily. After parking the car, you can explore the terrain on foot. The administration has laid down some rules for the people and you have to follow them. You can click beautiful photographs on your camera to capture the memories of this lovely place. The park is open throughout the year. After reaching the park, one can feel as if he is on some unique planet. You can also take a guided bus tour. A guided tour will help you to learn about the history of the park. There is a narrow path for the bus movement going through the volcanic passages and climbing up covering the large part of the park

Volcanic eruptions

Volcanic eruptions started in September 1730. The lava was very hot and reached a temperature of 800 degree Celsius and it lasted for six years. Nearby villages were destroyed and people have to leave their homes. They migrated to the other places such as Teguise and Arrecife. If you are traveling by bus, you can capture the beautiful views from the bus windows. The lava extends to the ocean. On the other side, you can see the islands of La Graciosa, Montana Clara, and Alegranza cliffs.

Flora and Fauna

The island has a rich flora and fauna. There are different species of plants, birds, and insects. The largest animal found here is an Egyptian vulture and the smallest creature is an insect.

You can also admire the beauty of the island from the top of the Timanfaya Mountain. There is a restaurant at the top from where you can take photographs of the magnificent views in your front. The restaurant is situated in a position such that the heat is generated from the volcano to cook the meat. You can also enjoy snacks and coffee in the restaurant while enjoying the natural beauty all around you.

Alongside the restaurant, there are hot salt water geysers that sprout from the Timanfaya Mountain. You can click photographs or make a video. Many people prefer to hire a guide to know more about the park. A guide has complete information about the history of the park and he can answer all your questions.

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