PCO Drivers – Car Hire Or Buy – Which Is The Right Option For You?

PCO drivers have strict standards to adhere to when operating PCO cars. The private carriage officer introduced licenses back in the 1990’s to make sure all vehicles are of the highest standard and that they meet the licensing regulations, so the driver can run legally and without concern, providing transportation services to those living and visiting now and in the future.

The one reason you may want to consider PCO cars for hire over owning your own vehicle is that this service cut any headaches you experience as a vehicle owner. You don’t have to worry about the vehicle passing MOT or getting it licensed with the required authorities. This is all handled for you, so you save yourself valuable time, can get into your new vehicle and start offering your service immediately without delay.

Due to the fact you have chosen to hire a car for PCO drivers, you won’t be faced with any repair bills. While the vehicle remains the property of the rental company, they are responsible for any mechanical repairs which the vehicle may experience from time to time. As you can imagine, owning a vehicle and keeping it on the road and in tip-top condition is an expensive exercise, but with a rental vehicle, this cost is managed for you, which means you can build up your bank account and earn a good profit on each and every transport service you give.

All ongoing services and maintenance costs are handled by the rental company, again saving you money wherever possible. If you were to own your own vehicle, then you would be responsible for taking the vehicle for its regular services and when you spend your days in your vehicle providing transport services, those service dates are close together and each one can cost you a small packet. With the PCO cars for hire, you get to enjoy all your maintenance and service costs for free for as long as you choose to rent the vehicle and not buying it.

A great reason to consider PCO cars for hire over buying a vehicle of your own is that the monthly rates are affordable and there is no lump sum you have to pay out in one go. Paying affordable monthly rates, enables you to boost your profit margins, but also helps you give your services at affordable rates.

Most of the PCO cars for hire are eco-friendly. You will find that most of the car rental specialist companies will give you a choice of hybrid vehicles. This enables you to meet the high standards of the PCO license, but also to cut your carbon footprint. With the amount of traffic going daily, reducing your emissions and being aware of what you drive can make a huge impact in the future.

The last reason you may want to hire over buy when it comes to PCO vehicles is that you can upgrade at any time. Remember that to meet the PCO registration criteria the vehicle must be no older than ten years and must meet the emissions requirements. As your car ages, you can upgrade it with your rental company to make sure you meet all regulations at all times.

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